More than Bananas

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It’s the biggest mystery.

If the Universe were a funfair — galaxies whirling like fairground rides, streams of gas and dust strewn across the sky like bunting, people wandering through it eating hot-dogs — where did it come from?

Who put it there?

Science does a wonderful job explaining part of the story. It can get us from a few moments after the Big Bang to the bit where the hairy beings amble over the African Savannah eating soft fruit.

It just can’t do the beginning, or the end, or the meaning.

It can’t tell us why there is something, rather than nothing at all.

And it can’t tell us how the fruit-eating primates turned into people who hum music, write novels, invent day-time TV and ponder the Nature of Being.

For that, we need something more than bananas.

More than Bananas is a freewheeling exploration of how we all (might) have happened — and what to do about it.


Your book is wonderful! I do hope that it is very widely read.

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys CBE FRS, Cambridge University


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Now available as a free YouTube presentation!

It’s true. More than Bananas is now available as a YouTube presentation in 17 10-minute parts, good for discussion starters or even if you are just too stingy to buy the book. Here’s the first:




This was very interesting to me as I am not a follower of any orthodox religion. I love the witticism that Glenn applies throughout this book and his, sometimes, irreverent outlook on Christianity and how it can be applied by anyone who wants to find themselves through Christianity and Jesus. It contains some powerful messages for anyone looking to find how to go about gaining this without being a dry and boring lump of text that tries to shovel religious dogma into the reader.

Patricia Walker, Goodreads


Quite splendid, one of the best Christian books I have read since C S Lewis … It is one of the very best pieces of contemporary apologetics I have ever read: clear, flowing prose, complex ideas simply expressed. In my judgement entirely acceptable and orthodox theology. Hooray!

David Satchel


A wonderful and accessible apologetic for the Christian faith with its touches of science and philosophy, insuppressible yet unobtrusive humour, powerful down to earth illustrations, and real life soul defining personal experiences.

Jono Chamberlain


More than Bananas is a wonderful book: intelligent, reasonable and realistic.  It gives a clear presentation of how the Christian faith is a perfectly rational approach to the world, in accord with science, and offers an excellent antidote to those who feel that faith and science are mutually exclusive.  At the same time it is deeply personal, warm and funny.  I recommend it highly.

Dr David Bowler, University College London


Your book is wonderful! I do hope that it is very widely read.

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys CBE FRS, Cambridge University